The Funniest, Epic Photos Bloopers and Fails You Have to See for Yourself

We’re all familiar with those ‘special’ T-shirts we see in public. They may be intended to attract our attention or amuse us, but sometimes they don’t quite achieve the desired effect. Either through some hilarious spelling or grammar error, or the total failure of a pun, or the wrong wearer, these memorable T-shirts enter the Hall of Fame of T-shirt howlers that leave us in fits of laughter.

Perhaps it’s an art degree

This young lady’s T-shirt was meant to show everyone that she is pursuing a tertiary education.  If this was true, she’d at least have spelled ‘college’ correctly. To give her credit though, at least her misspell actually spelled another word that does exist in the English language. And it could be part of a degree in Visual Arts, couldn’t it?

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